Contract med-tech manufacturer Minnetronix to launch own device

Minnetronix is developing a product that removes contaminants in the cerebral spinal fluid after a hemorrhagic stroke.

Minnetronix, a medical device engineering and contract manufacturing company in St. Paul, has worked for more than 20 years to make life easier for other med-tech companies in the state and across the globe. Minnetronix components and expertise have long helped power other companies’ medical devices, from glucose sensors for diabetic patients to plaque-removal systems for clogged arteries.

Now, the 300-person private company is unveiling plans to tackle a new challenge, launching its first proprietary medical device that it is prepared to take all the way to the hospital with its own brand name emblazoned on the outside.

That name is changing, too. Minnetronix is rebranding itself as Minnetronix Medical. And its new devices for neurointerventional critical-care procedures are planned to form the basis for…